Top Notes: Roman Mint, Whiskey, Rum
Heart Notes: Rose, Elderflower, Heliotrope
Base Notes: Vanilla Absolute, Cocoa Beans (São Tomé), Strawberry Tree Honey, Vetiver (Bourbon), Incense

Elevato³ is an extrait de parfum and is available in 50 ml.


Elevato³ (cubed) 50 ml extrait de parfum (10/27/21 Adjiumi 16 years)

Adjiumi group, founded by Cristian Cavagna, is the reference for Italian perfume lovers.

The white sugar cube of dolce qb (sweet to taste), ADJIUMI's first celebratory perfume, is transformed into a chocolate praline wrapped in gold, a symbol of wealth.

With elevato³ we are celebrating 16 years and giving more value to the raw material.

Gold: signal, provocation!

A further invitation to confront, one of the ADJIUMI group's focus .


Dark chocolate praline obtained from São Tomé cocoa beans, it's our way to make a gourmand perfume.

Top notes of fresh mint and soft strawberry tree honey filling.
It is like a chocolate to be eaten in a single bite: the experience is intense, while the elderflower infusion is the sugary pleasure to share.

ADJIUMI's 2021 cube confirms that each ingredient it's a story... "cubed".

Nothing is left to chance in Elevato³, not even in reference to the box, comparable to a container for single portions of chocolates. Pulling off the upper part hides greedy curiosities: the bold red pack to pay homage to the interiors of Coco Chanel's bags presents tiny designs, as in a Naj Oleari fantasy, giving shape to the olfactory elements present in the pyramid, test tubes, pipettes and the initials. by ADJ. By reversing this base, it will form a pyramid where the letters of Adjiumi stand out in chiaroscuro.