Top notes: Currant, Pink pepper, Cinnamon, Strawberry
Heart notes: Iris, Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla absolute (Madagascar), Vanilla CO2, Vanilla beans (infusion), Gurjum Balm, Birch Tar, Vetiver (Madagascar), Leather, Nagarmotha, Patchouli (Sumatra), Ambergris, Musk

Dolce q.b. (Sweet to taste) it's an extrait de parfum and available in the 50 ml format

Dolce q.b. sample spray 2.5 ml


Dolce q.b. (Sweet to taste) 50 ml extrait de parfum (10/27/2020 15 years ADJIUMI)
ADJIUMI, founded by Cristian Cavagna, is the reference group for italian perfume lovers.

“Not just an ordinary vanilla, understood as vanillin or as a cake, but a vanilla pod that has fallen and literally sunk, drowned and swallowed by the magma of birch tar”.

The main ingredients was found inside the novel Nanà by Émile Zola.
“all the shops were known to him, he knew the individual smells, in the air saturated with gas: the intense scents of Russian leather, the vanilla aroma coming from the underground of a chocolate workshop, the musky scents that came out of the open doors of the perfumeries … ..Nana's perfume was patchouli”

Art director: Cristian Cavagna Nose: Arturetto Landi in collaboration with Cristian Cavagna

The Bottle: The shape of the cube is reminds a sugar cube, a nut, a box, the group is a container for passion. The bottle created with the Adjiumi logo together with the graduated bar which is the same that we find in the kitchen on special jugs for preparing cakes want to be a tribute to Andy Warhol's 80s Pop Art, while the red, white and black colors are a clear homage to Coco Chanel.

The perfume (taken from Parfums et Beautè blog): 50 ml in extrait de parfum with a high concentration of raw material is a unisex oriental vanilla, studied from a completely new perspective so that its complexity could be compared to the "cube of Rubik ”where the difficulty consisted in returning each color to each of the six faces of the cube.
Don't be fooled by the name of the perfume dolce q.b. (sweet to taste) and by the fact that it is an oriental vanilla. Identifying the individual notes that compose it is difficult.

The opening is characterized by clear fruity liqueur accents obtained with Bergamot, currant and a Natural Strawberry ( Jungle Essence Co2 Extraction technology) together with the Gurjum Balsam give great volume to the perfume through subtle nuances of Madagascar Vanilla Absolute, Infusion of Vanilla and Vanilla Co2., Peru Balsam and Chocolate Powder which is accompanied by Ethylmaltol: an explicit homage to Angel, an Icon perfume from the 90s.
Cristian with “the QB” explores a new olfactory richness along unknown roads and upsetting what are the current codes of modern artistic perfumery, with a new interpretation of the oriental sillage creating a soft vanilla but at the same time very toasted and spicy, as it is literally wrapped in Birch Tar, Incense and Cinnamon that make it irresistible but without greedy implications.

Accents of Patchouli (Sumatra) from the Gayo Region famous for its coffee production help to give the vanilla pods nuances of roasted coffee. Incredibly the heart notes are floral and light in their softness and transparency, the iris and jasmine act as a trait d'union between the top and base notes of the fragrance itself, giving it ample breath. Ambreine and Sandalwood give soft shades to the now unrecognizable vanilla pod, together with Musk and Vetiver that reveal themselves in the final drydown, with the leather that seems to want to leave a tattoo on the skin. An absolutely persistent and unisex fragrance, never excessively sugary, but ... sweet to taste.

Nothing is left to chance in the q.b. perfume, not even in reference to the box, comparable to a container for single portions of cakes. Pulling off the top are hiding greedy curiosities: the packaging in a distinct red it's an homage to the interiors of Coco Chanel's bags presents tiny designs, as in a Naj Oleari fantasy, giving shape to the olfactory elements present in the pyramid, test tubes, pipettes and the initials by ADJ. By reversing this base it will form a pyramid where the letters of Adjiumi are in "qb..tal" characters stand out in chiaroscuro.